Topic: Environment – Học Tiếng anh mỗi ngày cùng Du học Tân Con Đường Vàng



Acid rain (n): mưa axit – Through acid rain and greenhouse gases these same exhaust fumes can have a devastating impact on our climate.

Biodiversity (n): đa dạng sinh học – This will inevitably have a negative impact on biodiversity and thus our ecosystem

Contamination (n): sự ô nhiễm – This contamination in turn affects our rivers and waterways and damages life there.

Deforestation (n): nạn phá rừng – Deforestation has been shown to cause soil erosion.

Chronic (adj): kinh niên, kéo dài – Many of the Earth’s crises are chronic and inexorably linked.

Conceivable (adj): có thể hiểu được, nhận thức được – I think it is conceivable that we will have solved the problem soon.

Fruitless (adj): không có kết quả – Not only would it be a fruitless exercise, but it would also create more litter.

Immune (adj): được miễn, miễn dịch – Affected species include the polar bear, so not even the Arctic is immune.

Disposal (n): sự vứt bỏ – We can make sure we don’t throw recyclable items into our normal waste disposal bins.

Emission (n): khí thải – The air is polluted by emission produced by cars and industry.

Pollution (n): sự ô nhiễm – They are a viable atternative to petrol-driven cars, so getting rid of pollution is definitely achievable.

Threat (n): mối đe doạ – I think our environment is under threat from many different things.

Practice: Making sentences with each of the words above.

Speaking Part: Answer those questions:

  1. Do you think pollution is a big problem nowadays?
  2. What do you do to prevent our environment from pollution?
  3. Have you ever participated in any environmental events?
  4. In which way do people damage our planet?

Describe the environmental problem or event.

You should say:

  • What is it like
  • Where is it happening
  • What problems does it cause

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