Topic: Business – Học Tiếng anh mỗi ngày cùng Du học Tân Con Đường Vàng



Advertisement (n): quảng cáo – Teachers can also help by showing children the best way to respond to an advertisement for a job.

Campaign (n): chiến dịch – I’m in charge of several advertising campaigns.

Candidate (n): ứng viên – I had to compete against some very good candidates to get the job, so I was really pleased.

Colleague (n): đồng nghiệp – I also get on well with my collegue.

Consumer (n): người tiêu dùng – But some consumers are looking for more than just beauty in sophisticated packaging.

Credibility (n): sự tín nhiệm – To gain credibility, many cosmetic companies have persuaded dermatologists and pharmacists to endorse their brands.

Earnings (n): thu nhập – My earnings is increased by 10 per cent last year.

Experience (n): kinh nghiệm – It is important to have experience in the workplace as weel as academic qualifications.

Employee (n): nhân viên – All employees must apply in writing if they wish to request a holiday.

Employer (n): chủ – I couldn’t work when my daughter was sick. Fortunately, my employer is very understanding.

Employment (n): việc làm – Graduates are finding itt more and more difficult to find employment.

Income (n): thu nhập – I would like to increase my income so i’m going to invest in some shares.

Interview (n): phỏng vấn – The unemployed find it difficult to get an interview if they have not had a job for a long time.

Job satisfaction (n): mức độ hài lòng với công việc – Job satisfaction is really important to me.

Labourer (n): người lao động – I work as a labourer on a construction site.

Management (n): quản lý – The report blames bad management.

Manual work (n): công việc tay chân – It’s manual work, so it’s very physical, which keeps me nice and fit.

Market (n): thị trường – I’ve always wanted a career in marketing.

Occupation (n): nghề nghiệp – My occupation is a receptionist at a five-star hotel.

Pay (n): lương – It’s unskilled work and very monotonous, but the pay is quite good.

Perk (n): bổng lộc – The perks are great, though.

Practice: Making sentences with each of the words above.

Speaking Part: Answer those questions:

  1. Why do some people decide to set up their own business?
  2. What is business?
  3. What are some of the dangers involved in starting a business?
  4. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of small businesses compared to large companies?

Describe a small business that you would like to own/open.

You should say:

  • What this business would be
  • How you would start/open this business
  • How you would run that and explain why you would like to run this business.

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